Auckland to New York – the long way

1200px Boeing 314 Clipper croppedGreat article about an around the world trip in a Boeing 314 (a Seaplane) at the start of WW II.

the Boeing 314 was (and remains) one of the largest aircraft ever to take to the sky

The adventure started in San Francisco and was supposed to end in Auckland. But then the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and it was not safe for them to return to San Francisco via Hawaii.

the crew of Pan Am flight 18602 were forced to do something almost impossible: return to America the long way round.

Their adventure took them across Australia – a risky move considering you have no landing gear.

To the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia),

To Trincomalee, Sri Lanka,

To Karachi, Pakistan,

To Bahrain,

To Khartoum, Sudan (requiring a river landing),

To Leopoldville (requiring a river landing),

Across the Atlantic to Natal, Brazil,

And then up the Atlantic coast of South America and the US to New York City

Quite an adventure considering Pan Am did not have a presence in most of South Asia – so no maps, no radio info, no maintenance support, no refueling stations, etc. for a good chunk of the trip.

The article is 3 parts and a medium long read – but so worth it. IMHO.

Thetta redlast

Img 3201Was reading a post from Dave Williams – a photographer that lives to travel, and travels to take photos.

When he was in Iceland he learned the term Thetta redlast. It means:

everything will turn out fine. Things happen, you have no control over them, and whatever is happening just know that it’ll all work out and everything will be alright.

Aka – don’t worry be happy.

Thetta redlast – a good life philosophy to have.

Pooch Pack – a dog suitcase

Muttmover light timbuk2 700x700Soon you too can get a Pooch Pouch – aka a dog suitcase.

And I don’t mean a suitcase your dog can use to carry his toys – I mean a suitcase to carry your dog in. In other words – a Dog Suitcase, not a Dog‘s Suitcase.

I am sorry – I can’t see any of my dogs tolerating being in a suitcase. The Labs were pretty big  and Stella is waaaaayyyyy to hyper.

Essential phone design

04 blog ocean depths 1Great article with lead designer of the Phone from Essential.
She talks about some of the design decisions that went into the ceramic back and titanium sides. Turns out doing colors in ceramic is not easy.

In order to get the ocean depths color just right, the plant made almost 40 iterations of it until Jiang was satisfied — but they only made one chip of each color per day

The Ocean Depth Phone with the copper sides looks really sharp in person – and I should know, I have one.

I think we are doing graduation wrong in the US

Norway FlagNo to sex on roundabouts – that is a headline that will get your attention.

And it follows with this opening sentence

Norway’s high school graduates should refrain from running naked across bridges and having sex on roundabouts lest they give drivers “too much of a surprise”

It is in reference to the post-graduation period called “Russ” for Norway’s graduation Seniors – Which I have heard can get a little wild.