Current music – Eminem

I have been listening to Eminem the last week or so. I know that he is controversial, but I think he does have some good music.

Some of the songs are too much. But some of them not only have good music, but the lyrics are interesting. I would not recommend your kids listen to him, but the message on some of his songs are pretty good.

The first example I think of is “Cleaning Out My Closet” from the “Eminem Show”. What I hear is him coming clean on his feelings. What some us pay big bucks to a shrink, he puts into his music. Another one is “Lose Yourself” from the “8 Mile” Soundtrack. The message I hear is when an opportunity presents itself, grab and go with it because it may never come around again.

I would not consider Eminem a postive role model based upon the complete collection of his works – but there are positive messages in some of his songs.

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