Literature – Leadership by Rudolph Giuliani

Just finished the book and I enjoyed it very much.

Giuliani is my kind of leader. His leadership philosophies – open communication, prepare relentlessly, lead by example, leaders lead, etc – mirror my styles of leading.

Prior to reading the book I did not know much about him. I had heard about his cancer episode, how he dropped out of the race against Ms Clinton, small stuff like that. I did not really have much exposure to him until 9/11. During post-9/11, I was aware that he was leading New York and was a key figure in the city’s recovery.

How key I did not know until I read the book. He is a no nonsense guy that values integrity, honesty, and accountability. Him and his staff did a lot to improve the quality of life for New Yorkers. I am sure there are those that did not agree with what he did, but they can’t argue with the results. At the end of the book he lists the improvements his adminstration drove. It is a pretty impressive list.

There some beliefs that Republicans hold that I have issue with, but if Giuliani was running for president I would vote for him.

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