Enjoying Nature

Beverly wanted to get out of the house and Connor and I wanted to go Geocaching – so we did both. I found some caches and loaded them into the GPS receiver and off we went to Rancho San Antonio. We had 5 caches to find. The first one was fairly easy, as was the second one. The third was a micro-cache that I was having no luck finding. I sat down to decode the clue – when I finished, it turns out I was sitting just above the cache.

While we were signing the log, the owner of the cache came by to check on it. We chatted for a few minutes and he pointed us down the path to the 4th cache. Sure am glad he did – I would have gone taken a different path. It was pretty much all uphill to the cache. When we got close, Bev took time to enjoy the view while Connor and I took off up the hill to find. Once we got to the location, the cache was easy to find. On the way back to Beverly, Connor and I took a wrong turn. After a few minutes we realized that this did not look right. I pulled out the GPS and looked at our tracks – this confirmed we were heading in the wrong direction. Back up the hill and we were on track.

Got back to where Beverly was waiting, but now it was starting to rain and the wind was picking up. We decided to skip going for the 5th cache and headed back to the car. Total distance covered was 7 miles – a bit more than I had planned to hike. The 3 of us were sore the next day – but it was a great day to get out and we had fun looking for the caches. Will have to keep planning day-trips like this one.

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