Literature – Plan of Attack

Just finished the latest book by Bob Woodward – Plan of Attack. This books overlaps a bit with Richard Clarkes book – “Against All Enemies: Inside America’s War on Terror” – but where Clarke focused on how we prepared for terrorism, Woodward focused on the actions that lead us to war in Iraq. One thing that gives this book more weight is that he had access to President Bush so was able to get his side of the story.

This book was not as critical of the adminstration as Clarke was, but Woodward exposed the dirty laundry when needed. Some tidbits I learned:

– Powell wanted to get the UN involved. Cheney did not want to go down that road

– Cheney was focused on attack and going to war

– there were definitely folks in the administration that wanted to go to war come hell or high water (Cheney and Woflowitz). While on the other side of the table there were those that wanted to work on the diplomatic side some and get other countries committed to action (Powell and Armitage)

– The military said they had no targeting information on WMDs. If that is so, how could we be so sure that Iraq had WMD?

– Quote from Bush – “we are not lead by our public, we lead the public”. Said this Prime Minister Blair.

– Bush believes that a leader needs to lead, not be influenced by the latest poll.

All in all, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it. I give it a B.

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