Balancing home and work analogy

Found this on the web and really liked her analogy of balancing home and work.

Taken from the commencement speech given by Sandra Pianalto, President and Chief Executive Officer Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, at the Ursuline College Graduate Commencement on Friday, May 21, 2004

“I want to conclude my remarks this evening with another important way to care about yourself and others: Remember to maintain a sensible balance between work and personal life. Careers and work responsibilities consume too many people. The most effective people find a way to carve out a healthy balance in their lives.

Here is a technique that I find very helpful in reminding me to keep a work/life balance: You will have many responsibilities simultaneously in your life?like having to juggle several balls at once. Visualize that in one hand you hold a rubber ball and in the other hand you hold a beautiful, fragile, glass ball. The rubber ball represents your career, your work, and your volunteer activities. The glass ball represents your family, your friends, and your health.

What happens if you drop the rubber ball? It will bounce. Someone will pick it up for you or it will stay put until you are able to pick it up again. What happens if you drop the glass ball? If you’re lucky, it will only crack. But it may smash into a million pieces. Either way, it will never be the same.

So, along with everything that you learn, there is something you should learn not to do. Don’t let your justifiable concern about your career cause you to drop the precious ball that represents your family, your friends, and your health.

As you leave here today, diploma proudly in hand, I wish you the highest possible rewards as you continue to invest in your learning and leadership. I am excited for all of you. You have a wonderful future ahead of you because you have learned how to learn, and I know that you have embraced strong values that will serve you well in your work and personal lives.”

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