Literature – A Gathering of Saints

Looks at the escapades of Mark Hoffman in the early ’80’s in Utah. He fabricated documents the Church of Latter Day Saints – the Mormons – felt were critical to acquire. Many of the docs were acquired to keep from the public because they were detrimental to the church.

The book also explorers the revisionist history of the the church – how they promoted docs that shed a good light on the church, it’s founder, and it’s leaders; and hid docs that reflected poorly on the church.

In the end Hoffman’s scheme comes unraveled and he kills to hide his activities.

My parent have retired from the Air Force in Utah and I finished high school and went to college there. We are not Mormon, but having lived in Utah for 6+ years and having family in the state gives me an interesting perspective on the religion.

If there ever was an argument for separation of church and state – Utah and the Mormons are it. Utah is a great place for outdoor activities – but I am afraid the challenges of living under the Mormon influence outweigh the benefits.

If you are interested in how close the church controls lifes and minds of it’s members – this book gives you a good insight.

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