Movie Review – The Village

Rating – A-

Saw at theater.

Not as good as Sixth Sense – but still pretty good. You are looking for the twist – and when you think you have it – you don’t.

6 thoughts on “Movie Review – The Village

  1. Very interesting perspective on a film everyone seemed to hate. I, myself, enjoyed it as well.

  2. i think the movie was splendid, it made he think right till the end.i switched on the room’s light with a great smile.

  3. The film was so good that you made it all the way to a second sentence, which is, in your defence, at least further than M Night got before receiving his cheque.

  4. I really hate that movie. Not because it is bad, cause it is not bad, but it does not give me anything. The story could be good but there is something missing, just like the story in the lady in water..:)

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