My new Job

I have now been at palmOne for just over 3 months and things are definitely picking up (as can be demonstarted by my trip to Guadalajara). I spend lots of time working in Excel and the corporate data universes reviewing data and looking for trends that need to be addressed. I am pretty good at working with Excel, but I am sure there are more efficient ways to do what I am doing.

The issues are popping up faster than I can react and my boss and co-workers are stepping in to help. I feel that I am not pulling my weight and need to work on getting the administrative stuff out of the way so I can focus on the issues.

The best thing about being at palmOne (besides the cool hardware) – is that I have benefits and am getting full salary. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the time at Confoti but after 6 months the low pay and no benefits was not a situation I could continue to support – which lead to the job search.

Speaking of cool hardware – I have been using the new Treo 650 for awhile as an internal tester – and also since I am in the Ops QA group. The 650 is a pretty significant evolution of the Treo 600, but the 2 features that jump out at me the most are the screen and BlueTooth. Bluetooth is cool to have, but still working how to best integrate this technology into my daily routine. But the screen – it is !@#$ing great. Pictures taken on a digital camera are crystal clear – way much better than the Treo 600 – check it out if you get a chance.

And if you can’t get/afford a Treo 650 – look at the Treo 600. It is a pretty awesome unit in it’s own right

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