Sting in Concert

In early October Bev and I went to see Sting in concert at Shoreline. The warmup was Annie Lennox and I was looking forward to seeing her. The tickets said the show started at 8 and I had read that there would be a 3rd person there, so we were not in a hurry to get there. Turns out the show started at 7 and by the time got there (about 8:30), Lennox was finishing her set – major bummer.

But then main show started and all was well – except the old hag sitting behind me. When Sting started the first 3 songs we were up dancing. Wen we sat down on the first slow song the hag said “about time, I did not pay $100 to look at someone’s fat ass.” I pretty much ignored here and continued to stand on the fast songs, but Bev gave here the evil eye – rowr. I thought a great come back – the next day though – I did not pay $100 to sit on my fat ass like you.” Too bad I did not think of it sooner.

Regarding the show. I have been a Police/Sting for mucho years and it was great that he mixed in Police songs with his old and new stuff. Grade-wise I give it a B+

All in all a great show. BTW – I had not been to Shorline in years – very different experience than the Mountain Winery.

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