The election

Not much to say except my guy lost :-(. I think Bush camp did a better job of focusing on what was important to Mr & Mrs middle america – Guns, God, and Gays. The issues, or values, are what drove Bush to victory. On top of that, Kerry did not take an opportunity to set himself apart and stand up for the issues he believed in. He tried to walk the middle of the road and could not get the middle of the road voters to back him.

Bush believes he has a mandate from the people and is going to drive his agenda. Wake up and smell the latte – over 50 MILLION voted against you and you won my 2 percentage points. I don’t think that qualifies as a mandate. Heard today that Bush received more votes for president than any other president in our country’s history – but that was not what was most interesting – it was the fact that Kerry also received more votes than any president. Just go to show that the numbers of folks voting was way up.

What he is going to do in the next 4 years does not scare me as much as the long term impact any new justices he is able to appoint during the next 4 years – they will be around a lot longer and have a significant impact.

Oh well, what are you going to do – move to Canada If only I had kept my dual citizenship between the US and Canada 🙂

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