Time for an update

Ok, so I have lots of things to say but have not had the time to write and I am not sure how to say it. But right how I am at 39,000 feet flying back from a business trip to Guadalajara – so now is as good time as any (at least until my battery dies).

I was in Mexico to visit Solectron (manufacturer of the Treo 600) to roll in a new fix. The week went pretty well. The folks at the factory are nice but need some encouragement to keep them moving in the direction you want the to.

This was the first time I have been to Mexico (Ensanada on a Carnival Cruise does not count) and it was ok. Guadalajara is a HUGE city – I heard 5 million people. Taking taxis there is – how should I put it – exciting :-). Lane makers and rules of the road are more of a suggestion than anything else. There were a few minutes where I grabbed the seat, handle, or anything I could get ahold of. But no accidents and I made it out in one piece.

One thing I found out is that not all of the taxi drivers know where you are going. On more than one occasion I told someone the name of my hotel and got blank stares. My spanish is worse than their english so we did not get very far very fast. At least the drivers are not to proud to ask for directions (I had 2 drivers do this). Other thing I noticed is that there is no set rate for the taxis. The same trip varied from 50 pesos to 180.

Went out to eat a couple of nights to local resturants. The best was place that I can’t remember the name of, but the old Handspring folks said we had to go – so we did. If I get the name, I will update this entry – just in case you happen to be in the area.

Oh – I also mad a quick trip to the local Hard Rock Cafe to get a pin. My rules are that I have to physcially visit the location to get the pin. So far I am doing pretty well – I have ones from Europe, North Amerca, and Asia – I think the total is around 25.

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