TV – new shows and random thoughts

So what are the new shows that we are Tivo’ing to watch later (that is right, TiVo is now a verb).

In no particular order:

Lost – Great cast of characters and I like how they are slowly peeling back the layers little by little and you get to know the characters a little bit better.

Desperate Housewives – this one is just fun – and the wife of the rich latin guy is hot in her underwear – gotta to love them latin lovers (that is why I married one šŸ™‚

CSI:NY – you knew this one was going to be great. They have a great cast and I like how it is shot – always greys and dark blues – contrasting CSI:Miami’s orange tint.

Arrested Development starts back up this Sunday – woo hoo

Rescue Me – on FX and done by Dennis Leary. This show is awesome – bummer that it’s season has already ended. If you can catch it reruns you have to.

Nip/Tuck – this is our second year of watching it and it is still great (same comment regarding end of season though)

The rest of the shows we regulalrly Tivo:


– Star Trek Enterprise (I know the critics rake it, but I like it)

– Survivor (of course

– CSI (when in Guadalajara I saw an episode that must have been from the first season – wow the actors have changed)

– JAG (same comments at ST:Enterprise)

– The Daily Show – this should be required watching – Jon Stewart for President)

– Oprah (for Bev not me – honestly – except when they have the fashion shows šŸ™‚

– Gilmore Girls (Bev and Landon)

– ER (it is getting long in the tooth, but has not dropped of our list)

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