What – Jess is drinking coffee

When were in Mendocino I tried a latte and a cappuccino and found out I like them. I have not become a hard coffee addict, but will have it 2-3 times a week. Been trying Peetes, Starbucks, and the local mom/pop places. Think I have narrowed my favorites down to latte – which I admit is more like drinking coffee-flavored milk – but hey it tastes good.

BTW – found out that in Mexico a Latte is not the same thing in the US. A cappuccino was more like a Latte and a Latter in Mexico is more like ?? – I don’t know what it is like.

Anyway back to the coffee investigation. Most times I get de-caf – causes less headaches and I am hyper enough – I do not need anything to add to it. I am sure part of drinking coffee is the image thing and gives me something to do when friends/co-workers want to take a coffee break.

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