Trip to Guadalajara

A couple of weeks ago, PalmOne sent me to to our manufacturing plant (we use Solectron) in Guadalajara to be there when we rolled in a manufacturing change. This was the first time had been to Mexico – if you don’t count the stop in Ensanda on our cruise last year,which I don’t – since I was a kid and crossed into Mexico from Arizona.

Guadalajara is a BIG town – 5 million plus. It was dry not very green – reminded me of the area outside Reno sort of. I did not get a chance to get out much – we were pretty busy and I was a bit under the weather for a day or so. Did make it to a great steak place the Handspring/PalmOne folks said I had to try – it lived up to it’s reputation. Also while out that night I swung by the Hard Rock Cafe and picked up a pin (my rule is that to get a pin from a HRC – I have to physically go there.)

Took taxis to get around and ran into at least 2 drivers that had no idea where my hotel was – it was a Hilton, which you would think they would know. At least the drivers were not afraid to ask directions and I made it safely home every day.

Because PalmOne is moving manufacturing of the next generation of the Treo to Asia – this was my one and only trip to Guadalajara. Not place to visit, but would not want to live there.

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