Movie Review – A whole bunch

During the XMas break we got a chance to get caught up on a whole lot of movies. Rather than review them one at a time, I figured I would do them all in one entry – so here we go.

Up First – Kill Bill, Vol 2

Rating – A

Saw on DVD

This one was better than the 1st one, and I really liked the first one – but it was a very different movie. I like watching Tarantino movies for the style, and this one had lots of it. After I see a movie, I go check out it’s entryt at, you should try it. It is great to get the behind the scenes stuff.


Rating – B-

Saw on DVD.

I am not a big fan of Ben Stiller, so my expectations were low, but the movie beat my expectations and was an enjoyable watch by the family. On the DVD they had an alternate ending that was the original ending – it sucked. I liked the ending they went back and reshot. Also liked the cameo by Lance Armstrong.


Rating – B+

Saw on DVD

This one Bev had bought awhile ago and wanted us all to watch it for a family movie night. I have to admit I was not too excited and had been dragging my feet. But the movie was better than I thought. I think Cuba overdid it a bit with the big teeth, but I liked Ed Harris in the role.

Van Helsing

Rating – B

Saw on PPV

Ok action flick.


Rating – A

Saw at Theater

Really like this one. Like the story between Miles and Maya and really liked the way it ended. The movie was a great ad for the central coast and got me more interested in wine – not the purpose of the movie, but a good result nonetheless

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Rating – A-

Saw on DVD

I like John Cusak, I like Clint Eastwood as a director – liked the movie.

Napolean Dynamite

Rating – A

Saw on DVD

Was not sure what to expect – this movie was freaking awesome, gosh. Vote for Pedro

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Rating – B+

Saw on DVD

Movie makes you think and shows that true loves will always find each other, not matter what. You are meant to be together

The Bishops Wife

Rating – A

Saw on DVD

This was the original with Cary Grant and David Niven. Watched it as a family for Xmas. Great family movie

Punch Drunk Love

Rating – A

Saw on DVD

Don’t discount the guy that seems meek – he can kick your ass. Great movie with Adam Sandler in a dramatic role.

Noises Off

Rating – C

Saw on DVD

Could not get into it, turned it off halfway through.

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