Observations from MacWorld SF

Better late then never.

On Jan 13th, I headed to SF for my annual pilgrimage to MacWorld San Francisco. I had read up on the new products that Steve introduced at the Keynote on Tuesday and wanted to check them out for myself.

Mac mini – Great entry level Mac or for a PC user trying to convert. Not sure though if I would buy it myself. I can see me buying it as a second computer or as a headless server for the house, but not as a main machine. The boys are getting into gaming and we need as much horsepower as we can get. Also not keen on the limited expandabilty. If Landon had a choice, we would get a PowerMac – he wants the ability to expand the system. I also need the G5 so we have as much horsepower as possible to do the iLife kind of stuff.

iPod Shuffle – not something I would buy on my own – but would not say no if someone gave me one for free. I like the flexibility to choose my music when I want to listen. The play it in order or randomly does nothing for me. I could maybe see it being used for exercise because of it’s small size and weight. Also since exercise is limited to less than an hour it would not be as big of a deal to have random music played.

Other stuff I saw that I liked:

Circus Ponies’ Notebook – Walked by the booth once and then went back based upon a recommendation of one of my friends. The problem I see it solving for me is to help me keep track of all of the different charts I have created and always forget what file they were in. I saw this as such a great solution I bought the app.

After the show we headed over to Bucca de Beppo for our annual dinner. This dinner has being happening since Aug 1992 at MacWorld Boston. The location has changed a few times, but it is always a great way to connect with friends that I have not seen for awhile.

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