Treo 650

One of the great benefits of working at high tech companies that you get access to cool toys. When I started at PalmOne, I picked up a Treo 600 to use as my primary phone. It rocked. A short time later I acquired a DVT (i.e. a prototype) Treo 650. My role in Ops “requires” me to have these device so I can better understand the customers issues and work to resolve them.

The screen on the T650 is amazing. And the faster processor is nice. But after a few weeks I began to realize that not all was wonderful in Treo 650 land. When working with a prototype you have to expect issues and know how to deal with them.

Then recently I was issued a PVT Treo 650 (real close to production). After a couple of weeks use, it looks like the little errors I was seeing on the DVT Treo 600 are not present – woo hoo. So far so good with the new device.

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