Back on a plane

Well, we have finished the project in Monterrey and I am on my way home – just enough time to unpack, do laundry, repack, and catch the flight to Prague on Saturday evening to start over.

Lessons learned in Monterrey:

1. if you are at the Courtyard by Marriott and feel like ordering the veggie sandwich – DON’T. After 12 hours of puking, my body is still not back to 100%. Ordered the sandwich on Monday night and all hell broke loose within a couple of hours. I was totally down for the count on Tuesday and able to work from the room on Wednesday. Finally made it back into the plant on Thursday. Many thanks to my travel companions for covering for me at work and picking up some stuff from 7/11.

The thing to remember when in Mexico РThe Grill Kills©.

This makes 3 trips to Mexico – got sick twice. I know where I am not going to vacation.

2. iSight rocks. Before I left home I picked up a couple of iSight cameras – Apple’s webcams – to communicate with the family while on the road. Had high speed access at the hotel and was EASILY able to do video chats with the fam. It is much better to see when talking. Now got to figure out how to work around the 9 hour difference between Prague and Santa Clara for next week.

3. Cool shoot when taking off from Dallas on the way to Monterrey:

4. I like traveling but I miss my family. I think you don’t realize how much you miss/need them until you are gone. I have been gone not even a week and I miss them bad. Plus it is nice to have someone to share your bed with – someone you have known for years.

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