Rest of the Prague Trip

Paul (PalmOne engineer working with me on the change to the Repair process) made it here on Tuesday afternoon so I had someone to go walking with. Also Eric (Celestica Process engineer) came in Tuesday. He has been to Prague before so he could show us where to go. We headed out to the old town section. Checked out the clock at the old town square – not sure of the history behind it – but there is history. On the hour, the 2 windows above the clock open and a series of figures move past the opening.

We then continued through the old town to the Charles Bridge – crossed it and Eric pointed out the Palace and Cathedral on the hill above the river.

A couple of days, I was able to walk around the old town area in daylight and shot a bunch of pictures (I will ge them posted to the Photo area asap). Hiked up the hill to the palace and Catherday – pretty impressive

That night for dinner Eric took us to a place that was in the newer part of town, so got to see the newer shops and architecture.

And then I was out of Prague bright and early Friday on my way to my brother’s in Oslo.

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