Visit to Oslo

After my trip to Prague – on the way back to the US – I detoured to Oslo to visit with my brother Scott. After arrival – and before I collected my bags – I called my beautiful wife to wish her a happy birthday – her 25th birthday :-0. I then met Scott and we commuted to his house. We took the train from the airport to Oslo, took the trolley to the waterfront, took a ferry across Oslo fjord, then Ingeborg (his wife) picked us up the family car – it was a Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Ferrys trip.

I had seen pictures of his place, but they do not do it justice. The house is a great house with an awesome view:

When I got there, the kids were not home – but as soon as they got home they came running to give me a great big hug. Matias was a bit shy, but he eventually warmed up to me. On Friday we just hung out at the house. On Saturday I went shopping with Scott – word of advice, when in Norway don’t do the Kroner-> $$ conversion – just buy what you need. For dinner Ingeborg’s sister and her husband and another family they know came over so I could be “shown off”. Scott and Ingeborg did a great meal and we had great wine and conversation.

On Sunday we checked out the beach they go to during the summer. Then we went to a small town not too far away to window shop and have some lunch. We all had fish and chips – I think Ingeborg said this was the first time she had had fish & chips and Scott had not had it for ages. Turned out to be pretty ok fish and chips. That evening we watched “Kitchen Stories” – a Norwegian film about studies the Swedes did in the 50’s of how bachelor’s utilized their kitchens – see my other entry for a short review of the movie.

On Monday, after we dropped the kids off at school, Scott, Ingeborg, and I headed to Oslo. We walked around and saw the King’s palace

and hiked around the old fort. Wondered into a bunch of stores looking for stuff for me to bring home. Found some great stuff for Bev, the boys, and me. Also stopped for pizza and checked out the Apple Store in Oslo.

The night before we had caught the tail end of Conspiracy Theory (with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts). There was a song that Mel and Julia sang to each other that was driving us nuts because we could not figure out who sang it. An Ear Worm – that is what it is called when you can’t get it out of your head. Stopped at a music store but they were no help. Finally figured it out when we got home and could check out the internet – the song is “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”

Oslo is a way cool city – a bit cold this time of year – but a cool city. There was no snow on the ground while I was there, which is unusual – they have had a dry winter so far.

Monday for dinner, Ingeborg’s brother joined us for another great meal with good food, wine, and conversation.

Then it was up really early – no I mean REALLY early – to get to the airport to catch my flight from Oslo to London -> and then London to home. (I am actually typing this up while on the flight – according to the Flight Map we are at 38,000 feet, traveling at over 550 mph, somewhere over northen Canada west of Hudson Bay)

It has been a productive trip to Prague for work and was great to see my brother and his family – but I am really looking forward to getting home and seeing Beverly and the boys.

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