TV – Insider humour

Do you watch Lost – the new show on ABC. It is pretty good – not a bad way to spend 40 minutes (using TiVo to skip the commercials).

The characters stories are told through a series of flashbacks. In a recent episode we got more back story for Charlie – the rock star. He was dating a rich girl – why is not important right now – and when he went to her house he asked her where her dad (the business tycoon) was.

Her reply – “He went to Slough to buy a paper company”

What makes this so great? Do you know the link?

If you think you do, click here to see if you are right.

If you don’t get it, drop me a line.

One thought on “TV – Insider humour

  1. This is HILARIOUS! I don’t recall seeing this before. AND not only is the LOST reference funny, your use of the british spelling of ‘humor’ is also not “LOST” on this reader.

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