Literature – Speaker for the Dead

Finished Speaker for the Dead – the second book in the Ender series by Orson Scott Card (aka OSC). This was the original story that OSC wrote, Ender’s Game was written to set up this story – and Ender’s Game turned out to be the most popular.

Where Ender’s Game was more action, Speaker for the Dead has the deeper story. Lots of religious overtones, discussions about the value of life, and how significant differences between you and me can lead us to make incorrect assumptions about our culture and our society. In the first book, Ender was the main character and the one we most identify with. In Speaker for the Dead Ender is an adult and is one of the main characters, but we have many more characters in this story that we come to care about and can identify with.

I think if you wanted action – read Ender’s Game. If you want the deeper story, this is the book. Do you need to read Ender’s Game first? Probably don’t have to, but it definitly helps – I would recommend it.

On to the 3rd book in in the series – Xenocide

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