Time for a new digital camera

I have been thinking about getting a new digital camera. The Olympus Stylus 300 I have is good, but it sucks when taking pictures in low light or with motion. Those two issues are the key featuers I am looking for a replacement. The question is do I go with another “pocket” camera or step up to an SLR camera. I know the SLR cameras (like the Canon Digital Rebel or the Nikon D70) will have the manual controls that I want, but the trade off is weight and size.

I like the “pocket” cameras because they are small and lightweight – making them very easy to carry – and use. There are 2 classes of the “pocket” cameras – at least to me. First is the super small or thin cameras. Sony has a really cool one I saw that has a 3x optical zoom but does not have any parts sticking out of the main body.

These are the best to always have one with you to carry, but you may sacrifice features. (I say may because I am still in the investigation stage). The second class are the ones that are larger and have more features. They are smaller than the SLR cameras, but are borderline if they could go in your shirt pocket or pants pocket and be forgotten. I would expect more features, but if they are “too big” to carry in my pocket, why not step up to an SLR?

Canon and Sony are the leading contenders in the “pocket” categories – Canon and Nikon in the SLR space. I have started to read reviews and talking to friends to see what others think. Next step is to visit a camera shop that carries Digital cameras. There I can ask questions, hold the cameras, and check out the features. Will keep you posted.

Actually I could just forget whole camera idea and get a new iPod Photo – decisions, decisions 😉

footnote to Beverly – fiscal approval will be acquired before any significant purchases are made.

One thought on “Time for a new digital camera

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