TV – The best show nobody is watching

Just finished watching last Monday’s episode of Arrested Development. OH MY GOD – it just keeps getting better. Some memorable moments and one-liners from the episode:

– “I have to wash this again on the the pots and pans setting”

– “Let me be clear, nobody is making fun of Andy Griffith”

– “I am bi-curious”

– The chicken dances – Lindsay was amazing 😉

– The photo of Rumsfeld with Saddam Hussein – that one I saw coming

– The Harry Hamlin cameo

Way more that I can’t remember – just a great episode

One thought on “TV – The best show nobody is watching

  1. Hey there, like your blog, best show nobody is watching way up here north of zee border is ‘Boston Legal’ – such GREAT writing, buffoon antics by ‘Capn Kirk’ aka William Shatner and James Spader that are so oft ‘timely’, accurate, thought provoking and just down right silly. It’s the contrast of pathos to pathetic that makes this show work. The ‘in court’ scenes are vintage ‘Perry Mason’ in style and delivery, great stuff…. Hope you can get it down there. It’s our fav….cheers, c

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