Random Thoughts.01

I have not blogged much recently, not much to say or nut’in special caught my eyes – but here are some random thoughts:

– Counting the days until GSM is back in the valley for good (at least for awhile). Should be one hell of GNO after he gets settled in.

– On the way back from Kansas City (was there for business) and wanted to share that when in KC gotta have BBQ. Went out for dinner Tuesday and almost ordered the fish when I realized when in KC – do as the KCians do. Eat BBQ.

– Saw articles in USA Today and the San Jose Mercury news about a new study regarding teenager’s sexual habits. Says that more than half of 15-19 year olds are doing it and they consider oral sex as no big deal. Real eye opener for a father of a 14-yr old boy.

– The Call sound as good now as they did almost 20 years ago – and the new Bon Jovi is not half bad. Both are good old fashioned rock and roll. Mr BJ – his friends can call him that – and the boys have not broken any ground, but have continued to crank out the rock and roll. Plus how many rock bands intro their new album on Oprah – the joint was rockin’

– Oatmeal is more filling than cereal/milk. Been eating oatmeal for breakfast the past few weeks and have been finding that my blood sugar is not crashing around 10a (like it does if I eat cereal) – forcing me to eat something else which is usually not as healthy for me. Guess having a stick to your ribs kind of meal is a good thing.

– I wish I could pun like GSM – but then I guess my mind is not as twisted as his šŸ˜‰

– Would like a new iPod (the video playing one) – but not lusting after it yet. Now the iPod Nano – that’s a different story. It is a want not a need – at least for now. Neighbor has one and showed it to Beverly – she has the fever now – schwing baby. This moves it towards the need end of the spectrum.

– Taking off from Chicago on the way to KC had an awesome sight out my window. I am in the emergency exit on the wing and I look out the window and “sitting” on the wing tip is the moon. OH. MY. GOOD?. Wish I would have had my camera then.

– Speaking of cameras. I think I am starting to outgrow my point-and-click digital camera – want more control. I have been eyeballing the digital SLRs – just can’t see spending the $1k it will take to get what I want. Still reading reviews and dreaming – and thinking of all the awesome pictures I could be taking.

– New shows I like: Everybody Hates Chris and My Name is Earl

– Shows I look forward to being on the TiVo: NCIS (Jethro is my hero), CSI (the original is still the best), Arrested Development (hope this is not the end for them), Lost (where are they going to go next), and The Daily Show.

– Bluetooth Dial Up Networking rocks (aka BT DUN for the geeks in the room). At Sprint we could not get on their network – a few minutes of configuration setup on the Treo and the Powerbook and I was surfing the web and checking email using the Treo as a modem which was “connected” to the Powerbook via Bluetooth. Technology is great . . . when it works?. And this time it did.

Well almost out of battery juice and we will be descending into San Jose “International” soon so time to tuck the PB away.

– Last thought – San Jose “International” – there are flights to Mexico, Canada, and one to Tokyo – don’t think that qualifies as “International” like it does for San Francisco, LA, London, etc. Sort of sad for the 10th largest city in the US.

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