TV – Mr Cranky Pants is my hero

Tim Goodman, TV Critic for the SF Chronicle, calls him like he sees them. If you are a fan of TV and not reading his column – you should be.

Quote from today’s column (which consists of the readers questions and his answers:

“Also, I didn’t get this question so I’ll pose it myself: Why do cable TV reporters stand out in the wind and rain during hurricane coverage? A: Because they’re morons and they don’t know any better. And their bosses, particularly at CNN, think this makes for great television: “As you can tell, rain is pelting my pretty face, and the only thing keeping me from doing cartwheels right now is the hamburger I had two minutes ago. We are approaching Category 4 stupidity.””

BTW – the “Cranky Pants” reference is to his alter-ego that writes the columns sometimes. When he is in Cranky Pants mode – hang on.

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