Movie Reviews – Multiple

We have been watching a bunch of movies of the break so here is my reviews/ratings

Brokeback Mountain

Rating – A

Saw at theater

This is way more than the “gay cowboy” movie. It is a love story that impacts more than the two parties involved. Also has some awesome scenery – right up there with “A River Runs Through It”.

Mad Hot Ballroom

Rating – B+

Saw on DVD

Documentary of 5th graders in NYC taking dance lessons that lead up to a city-wide competition. Great to see the kids being kids, and they say some of the darnedest things.


Rating – A-

Saw on DVD

Anime movie with great story. No talking animals, trees, or whatever. Just a great story done using animation.


Rating – A-

Saw on DVD

Some awesome fight scenes. Also good story about how treating someone with love and respect can make a difference.

Must Love Dogs

Rating – B

Saw on DVD

I like John Cusack and this was your normal romantic comedy. No new ground covered, but was entertaining.

War of the Worlds

Rating – B-

Saw on DVD

Some great action sequences, but way to many “yeah that can really happen” comments.

Mr & Mrs Smith

Rating – B

Saw on DVD

The beautiful people fighting it out. An updated version of “War of the Roses” with a bit more mayhem and special effects.

The Island

Rating – B

Saw on DVD

Interesting view of the future. Typical Michael Bay film – lots of great stunts/action, so-so story.


Rating – B

Saw on PPV

Definitely a SFX driven movie with some pretty big plot holes – but in the end the bad guy gets it and the good guys win. What else do you need on a rainy afternoon.

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