Suggestions for Leopard

In the latest issue of TidBITS, Adam and the gang put forth their ideas for the “secret” new features for Leopard that Steve alluded to during the WWDC keynote.

The one that caught my eye, and for some reason made me think of BL 😉 was:

**Smarter Finder** — Speaking of the Finder, rumor has it that Apple is working on it for Leopard, and we have some pet peeves we’d love to see addressed beyond performance. There are still times the Finder doesn’t notice new files appearing, which is confusing at best, and its warning when you’re copying multiple files over files with the same names really needs the chronological information available when copying a single file over an identically named item. Other complaints include the default button when changing the extension of a file’s name (if you’re changing the extension, in most cases you probably intend to change it, so that should be the default); the way the Finder selects the original file after you duplicate it, rather than the copy that you probably want to work on; the tendency of a folder to be scrolled out of sight when you rename it; and the way the Show Original contextual menu command doesn’t always (if ever) select an alias’s original file. Apple could do worse than to study Cocoatech’s Path Finder for hints on how to address these and other small usability problems with the Finder.

I can hear BL ranting commenting on this feature.

Checkout the article for their other ideas – including one regarding FileVault.

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