Brad has a blog – sort of

The Macintosh Business Unit, aka MacBU, has started a blog – Mac Mojo.

It is discusses all things MacBU related – and of the 5 articles on the blog (as of 8/31/06) – 2 of them are from my friend, I like to think good friend, Brad Post.

When I read the title of the 2nd entry – 80,000 lines of assembly code, Cold Fusion, a Russian winter and one bad TLB entry …. – I knew exactly who it was, did not have to read the rest of the post.

In his second entry – Bugs, how I love them … – he describes his first hard bug at Apple and I am proud to say “I was there”. I was not directly involved with the testing of the bug, but was in the same group and we were all very aware of this bug and the effort he and DC put into it.

Brad – welcome to the blogging world. Looking to reading more from you.

(BTW – when are we going to do lunch 😉

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