No longer a secret

I think most of you are aware that I work at Palm – been here for a couple of years.

Yesterday we introduced the Treo 680, a project I have been working since late last year and am pretty damn proud of. I have been using the Treo 680 as my primary phone for about 6 months and it has been a great smartphone. The most visible difference is the lack of an external antenna (aka “the handle”) and even though it is with in millimeters in size compared to the Treo 650/700, it looks and feels smaller and lighter.

Technology-wise, alot of effort was put into the peformance of the radio and the audio sub-system, the user interface, and the standard applications on the device. The radio is still an EDGE radio (same as in Treo 650), so you do not get the “broadband” performance, but the “strength” of the call signal is best in class.

Now if I can only find a set of the colored plastics – I really want a set of the Orange plastics (aka Copper).

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