TV – How big is your ip odd

Last night we watched House from the previous night.

Quick recap:

– vegetative state guy has been in coma for 10 years

– crotchety guy wakes up vegetative state guy because he needs his family history to save son of vegetative guy who is now in a coma

– vegetative state guy (who is now awake) will not answer questions unless they take a road trip to Atlantic City to get “the greatest” hoagie on earth

– crotchety guy and vegetative state guy borrow car of friend of crotchety guy

– vegetative state guy (who is still awake) wants to drive and gets in the car

– crotchety guy and friend of crotchety guy are still outside the car

– vegetative state guy leans over to window, holds up white boxy shaped item and says – – “what is an ip odd?” [rhymes with zip odd]

Think about it for a sec – – left the family ROTFL

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