Rockin’ the Hard Rock way

In Geoff’s recent entry about his trip to Singapore he mentioned his “hobby” of picking up Harley Davidson hats for his brother.

I have a similar hobby – but instead of HD schwag I collect Hard Rock Cafe pins. My rule is that I have to physically go to the HRC in question and acquire the pin to make it “official”. Currently I am at 15 with 1 semi-official. As I plan trips for work, I am always checking to see if there is a HRC nearby.

The list so far:

– London

– Tokyo

– Singapore

– Guadalajara

– Lake Tahoe

– La Jolla

– San Diego

– Denver

– Atlanta

– Hollywood

– Newport Beach

– San Francisco

– Boston

– Salt Lake City

– Las Vegas

– New York City (was picked up by a friend of mine, but I was in Newark NJ in Jan 2007 and did not have the time to make it into NYC to make the pin official)

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