6 13 107 5 1&2

Month – June

Date – 13th

Section – 107

Row – 5

Seats – 1 & 2

I have tickets to The Police on 6/13/07.

I was planning to pay the $100 to become a premium member of the The Police Tour fan club to get early access to the the tickets (they go on sale tomorrow to fan club members and the general public on Sunday). I knew that Best Buy Rewards members could buy tickets ahead of everyone else, but I am not a rewards member so figured I was SOL.

Then I was talking to JT yesterday and she mentioned they had bought a TV from Best Buy (a really cool TV) and I casually asked if they were Rewards members – and they were! To say I was a bit excited is an understatement. After a few minutes of groveling I had the magic code and was good to go. This morning at 10a sharp I went on line and scored what I think are some pretty great tickets.

I am really looking foward to this show – it will complete my “cycle” – Queen, The Police, and Rush.

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