How far in the doghouse are you with the wife?

On the drive in this morning there was an commercial on KFOG for Shreve and Company – a jeweler in the bay area.

The commercial described you and your spouse arriving at an elegant party and how everyone is stunned by the necklace she is wearing. Goes on to describe how beautiful the necklace is and how it makes her beautiful. They really play up this necklace.

Normally these type of ads are for jewelery in the $100s of dollars range – stuff that is a borderline impluse buy, or a bit of stretch for a special event.

At the end if the ad they do the Mastercard type ad . . .

Getting her the necklace – $98,000

Her being the most beautiful woman in the room – priceless.

$98k – wtf. I am sure there some KFOG listeners that can afford this item, but my feeling is that this is way out of the demographic for KFOG. Laughed out loud when I heard the price. Hmmm – do I pay for my kids college education or get a strand of pearls for my wife?

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