Step one – admit he has a problem . . .

Landon has become a World of Warcraft addict.

Last night I was watching him play and talking to him about what he was doing. I gotta say from one perspective, it makes a poppa proud.

I know all the noise about becoming addicted to on-line gaming and how it can stunt your social skills, but I noticed the following:

? he is working with others to plan strategy – last night he was just hanging out, but I have seen him get on at a certain time to work with his clan? guild? [whatever it is called] to accomplish a set goal

? he can multitask – he is carrying on a verbal conversation, a text based conversation, controlling his character, and talking to me all at the same time.

? social outlet – he hangs out with his friends from school on-line

? he can type like a demon – I can type good, Beverly can type awesomely? because of her job as an exec admin in a previous life. But Landon can smoke the keys. Would be interesting to have him and Bevely have a type-off.

He keeps his grades up and gets done what he needs to around the house, so I can’t get on his case about that. And he does spend time with the family – maybe not all evening; but he will join us for periods.

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