A timeline of notes to self

First there was writing notes to self in notebooks or on random scraps of paper.

Second there was writing notes on stickies.

Third there was the Palm III, then Palm V, to capture notes.

Fourth there was writing notes on stickies and keeping them inside the Palm V case. (not my most efficient use of technology)

Fifth there was calling my work number and leaving messages for myself. Downside of this phase was that I would come into work the next morning and get bummed because I missed a call – then I realized it was my call, not so bummed.

Sixth there was sending self emails from Treo. Thought I would be at this phase for awhile.

But now we have a seventh phase – Jott.

– Step 1: Set up account – for FREE!

– Step 2: Call the toll free number and leave message. Most effective way is to program a “shortcut” on the Treo so all I have to do is hold down a specific key for a few seconds, the number is dialed, leave message.

– Step 3: The message is transcribed to text and sent to your email. You can also manage your “jotts” via their web interface.

– Step 4: there is no step 4!

In my testing so far the text to speech is pretty darn accurate. Left myself a jott to “Call Alex Buccieri to return his call”. Jott transcribed this to “Call [name:Alex?] to return his call”

Oh. My. Good.?

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