Like I really need caffeine

Those of you that have known me for awhile know that I was not a coffee drinker – but since I have been at Palm I have picked up this vice. It started with lattees at Starbucks and then progressed to coffee with creamer at work – mainly because it was Peets, it was free, and kept me awake (Palm frowns upon naps at your desk in the afternoon).

Now the Starbucks (or Peets) visits are for regular coffee – none of that latte crap that is for wusses ;-). That covered the working week, but what to do on the weekends. – found myself experiencing headaches in the morning. We had a small 4-cup maker for visitors, but that was not going to hack it for regular use – plus wanted one that was on a timer so the coffee would be made when I woke up (technology is great … when it works).

So now we have a “real” coffee maker, a grinder so I can have fresh coffee, and coffee beans in the freezer (to keep them fresh).

Now if only I can figure out why my heart is always racing . . . .

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