Movie Review – The Queen

Rating – A-

Saw on DVD

After Princess Diana’s shocking death, Queen Elizabeth II (Helen Mirren, in an Oscar-winning role) and Tony Blair (Michael Sheen) engage in intimate talks as Britain demands the princess be memorialized in a manner beyond standard protocol. This Oscar-nominated drama for Best Picture goes behind the scenes as the queen and prime minister try to manage Diana’s death on a personal level while also dealing with a public calling for royal treatment for their beloved princess.

I could get use to Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth, but had harder time to see the actors playing Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, or Tony Blair as their characters. I think I have seen enough pictures of the Prince and Blair to know what they should look like and could not get past that. Mirren did a great job as the Queen, you could see the angst and turmoil she was going through as she tried to understand what was happening.

This one is a “thinking” movie – as opposed to a movie with lots of sex/violence that you can just float along with while watching.

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