2 thoughts on “Sleeping safely

  1. Great reference – and a great article. As we were discussing a ways back: I *hate* the provisions which are in place for newer portables (which implement safe sleep), since they actively *prevent* easy battery swapping.

    Previously, I could sleep my computer, swap out the battery – knowing that it had perhaps 2 minutes of backup power to hold the contents of RAM while asleep – put in the new battery, wake up and be on my way.

    Now, however, this is IMPOSSIBLE: The newer portables do not contain a powerful-enough backup battery; once you rip out the main battery, the unit simply dies. If you didn’t have it safe sleep (taking perhaps 30 seconds to a minute to actually go to sleep), you’ve lost everything you were working on. Even if you did, you now get to wait for it to save the contents of RAM to the hard drive, then wait for it to recover once you power on again. A 7-second process has turned into a 70-second process, for no good reason, IMHO.

    Anyway, I’ll quit ranting now – but really, *REALLY* wish that we could convince those in the hardware world to rethink that decision…


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