iPhone therefore iAm

The lust, must satisfy the lust.

As stated in a previous entry I was not gaga over the iPhone when it was introduced. I appreciated it’s elegance, but had some reservations. As the launch date approached in late June the technolust started to build but I was able to ignore it. After the iPhone hit the streets, I was not going out of my way to hold/touch one, but if the opportunity presented itself I was going to take.

At a recent lunch Geoff was showing someone else the cool things the iPhone could do and I finally got my hands on one. At that point techolust went to 11 (damn you Geoff ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Now it was only a matter of when, not if. So last Thursday I finally got my fix satisfied – aaahhhhhh.

After a minor hiccup caused by having Parallels installed I was active and in iPhone heaven.

About my previous reservations:

– Screen – suprisingly the fingerprints on the screen are not bothering me that much. A quick wipe with my shirt and all is good. And after seeing this PC Magazine test regarding the durability of the screen, I was not as concerned as I had been in January.

– Keyboard – Still getting used to it. I am not as fast as I am on a Treo keyboard, but most of the online reviews have said that you have to give it some time to get used to it.

– Robustness – see the PC Mag test – enough said on that front.

– Radio – yeah EDGE is dog slow. Have not done any surfing using EDGE and not looking forward to it. But then as I said in the previous entry, I can always fall back on my Sprint device using their EVDO network.

– Battery – So far battery life seems good. My Treo has a swappable battery, but it is very rare that I swap the battery because it is out of power. Granted I am not as careful about the charging/discharging of the battery and how it affects the life of the battery because I have access to more batteries.

With the iPhone I am more aware of the charge/discharge issue and will be trying to charge it only once a day instead of always having it off and on a charger.

Pluses I have discovered since I got the iPhone:

– it is a great photo album. The brightness/clarity of the screen, the UI to move between photos – all WOW inducing.

– the ability to quickly check my personal email without waiting for my MacBook Pro to wakeup from sleep and connect to the internet.

Bottom line – no regrets and looking forward to my time spent with my iPhone (but don’t tell my wife).

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