Good morning sunshine

The Setup:
1. We were having power issues yesterday so Beverly had flipped all of the circuit breakers to remedy the issue.
2. When one of us goes to bed later than the other one and we don’t want to disturb the other with the light, we use a headlamp, like you would use when camping, to read by.
3. I am as blind as a bat without my glasses on.

The Event:
I went to bed before Beverly last night and was asleep when she came to bed.
I woke up and noticed that the room was light. I looked at the clock and it said 12:38 am. My mind tried to reconcile the late hour with the fact that the room was lit up as I expected it to be around 6am-ish.
I figured the clock had been reset during the circuit breaker exercise earlier in the day and was showing the wrong time and it was in fact time to get up.

I sat up and looked at the window and it was pitch black outside – now my mind is reeling with the effort of trying to reconcile the conflicting data it was receiving. At that point I turned to look at Beverly and saw she was reading a book – with the headlamp.

The clock was in fact showing the correct time. What had thrown me off was the fact that the light from the headlamp looked like early morning daylight to me sleepy brain.

Well – I found it humorous.

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