Now I am being accosted at home?

Wednesday night I was hanging out in front of my house with one of the scouts in my troop while he waited for him mom to come pick him up. Thursday is trash day so we had our trash and recyclables out front.

A guy comes by on his bike and he is going through the recycle bins looking for bottles etc. that he can recycle. Technically this is illegal, but I am not going to make a big deal about it.

When he gets to our house he comes up to the scout and myself and extends his hand. His is a short, and I mean very short – like under 5′, and looks like he is from south Asia. We shake his hand then he hugs us both. Then he starts talking and it is very difficult to understand what he is saying. He shows us his right foot that is very deformed at the ankle. He keeps talking and I catch the word “eat” and finally figure out he is asking for money to eat.

We politely decline and he hops on his bike and heads off down the street. I had mixed emotions about this encounter. Part of me feels bad for him, part of me admires his gumption to get out and look for way to make a few bucks and not being shy to ask for what he wants, but part of me is annoyed that I am approached by a panhandler at home. It is awkward enough running into panhandlers downtown – but now at my home? Not sure I like this turn of events.

2 thoughts on “Now I am being accosted at home?

  1. I know the feeling. And it’s tough enough solo, let alone when you’re setting an impression for a young mind. I recall writing about a panhandling experience of my own, where a gesture to feed is met with distain. It’s so hard to determine which is the right course of action.

    And the hugging thing…. whoa….. too close buddy….


  2. I am also very torn about the people that dig through the recycling. Annoyed that they wake me up at 3am, but feel sorry for them that they have to dig through recycling in the middle of the night to make ends meet. I try to remind myself that life could be much worse… but it’s hard to go back to sleep sometimes!


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