New Pictures

Apple introduced a new web gallery feature when they introduced iPhoto ‘08 earlier this month. After checking out the new version of iPhoto and it’s features, I decided to move all of the photos that I had posted via iWeb into web galleries. The main reason is to make it easier/quicker to upload photos. I lose the ability to group by year and don’t have the link back to myBlog, but I think the ease of publishing photos outweighs these features. I have not figured out how to sort the galleries by name or date (I have read that I could but a date in front of the title, i.e. 200707 – Tahoe Trip, but this is not elegant), so apologize for the random order.

One new feature of the web galleries is the ability to download a copy of the photos I have posted. I have activated this on most of the galleries. Word of warning – the older galleries have photos that are of a lower resolution.

One new feature of the web gallery is the ability to upload photos via email – and Apple has made it seamless to upload photos from the iPhone. So I have created a myPhonePhotos gallery where I will be uploading directly from myPhone.

Anyhoo – hope you enjoy the new structure. Let me know what you think. Oh, and I have updated the links on the right to point to the new galleries (in addition to my flickr photos).

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