In my opinion it does not matter which side of the war in Iraq you are on – defacing a national memorial as a form of protest is just wrong. Despicable. Immoral. Contemptible. Reprehensible.

Well, you get the idea.

How would we react if this had been the Lincoln or Jefferson Memorials? The war memorials are not there to “celebrate” the specific conflict – they are there to honor those that gave their lives. Not to honor their service – but their LIVES – they died. The ultimate sacrifice. Sorry, getting a bit worked up over this one.

I have a strong connection to the military – I grew up as a military brat (dad did approx 30 years of service in the USAF, including tours in Vietnam) and I was in the USAF for 7 years. I decided it was not the life for me and left the service over 15 years ago.

I do not agree with the current course that the Bush administration set the country on when we went into Iraq. But I respect and honor those that gave their all.

2 thoughts on “Dishonorable

  1. Jess, while I not being a huge fan of the war ( I believe 2 billion a day would be better spent in our school system etc) I completely agree with you. The memorial is there for people who gave their lives and should be honored.

    If you want to protest, do something to the Pentagon! 😉


  2. Protesters “these days” are getting really weird and, while there obvious has always been a sort of inappropriate way to respond, I tend to think that this current generation of wannabe-activists is certainly lacking in decorum and imagination. Letter-writing, non-violent resistance, etc. appear to have gone by the wayside and are replaced with attention-seeking “activism” that puts more attention on the protester and significantly less attention on the cause.

    It’s sad to see this type of thing.


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