One of the things I enjoy doing with Connor is sharing our common hobby – taking photos. One of the ways we hang out together is doing photowalks. A photowalk consists of a bunch of great folks getting together at a cool location and taking pictures. Sounds pretty simple, but we have a great time every time we go.

I first heard about photowalking reading Robert Scoble’s blog. He would get together with Thomas Hawk and while Thomas was taking pictures, Robert would film him to make a show for PodTech. It started out as just Robert and Thomas – now each walk is 20+ folks.

Connor and I have done 3 photowalks and you can see photos from them on our Flickr accounts – Connor’s and Jess’.

Anywoo – Thomas recently posted his Principles and Guidelines for the Modern Photowalker. A great read if you are interested in taking photos or doing your own photowalk.

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