Techshop : Geek heaven

Check out Guy Gawasaki’s visit to the TechShop in Menlo Park, CA. They have all the coolest toys a geek would ever want to build the stuff in his/her wildest dreams.
I think the sight of this place would give my dad an … well you know what, don’t want to embarrass him.

One thought on “Techshop : Geek heaven

  1. Forget dad getting a … you know what- I would say any redblooded male would go nuts for that place- a brilliant idea similar to the Auto, Wood, and Frame shops that we had access to in the Military- I loved being able to have a good shop with tools that I couldn’t afford- where I could rebuild motors on my BMW and Datsun 210 POS.

    I “need” one of those 3D printers-to say nothin’ about the burning need for that metal hammer deal that you see on american hotrod- Don’t know what I would use it for but can you imagine how nice it would be to bang the crap out of something…

    Talk to you later


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