Are you happy to see me, or is that a ….

I have spent sometime in the south, and for the most part the folks there are ok. Not someplace I want to live, but parts of it are ok to visit.
But this takes the cake as far a being asinine. What I/you do in the privacy of your home is mine/your fucking business (pun intended). If no one is being injured – why does the government care.

This kind of stuff makes me REALLY glad in live in California.

BTW – the picture to the left is of a massager – just wanted to be clear.

3 thoughts on “Are you happy to see me, or is that a ….

  1. Was this voted on by a hung jury?

    “I Object!” … “Abstained”.

    This is clearly a case of assault on batteries.

  2. Hey..before I saw the description-or read the article- I thought that was a new bluetooth headset from Jabra- Is that sad or what- Reading the article made me shake my head at this country- reading the comments had me laughing out loud and have faith that there is hope for our country.

    Thanks for the laugh


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