27 thoughts on “Is the Mouse quicker than the Keyboard

  1. that is false. if u use mouse any how u have to use keyboard too so better to use keyboard and it is faster than the mouse after familiar

    all the keys in the keyboard


  2. Interesting but I think it’s more difficult then stated. A person would have to have the same mental and physical

    co-ordination with every key and that’s just not an ability that most of the population has.


  3. good,but it will be sometimes stuck with the flow,as above comment says and when we open some blog or mail it’s a bit difficut to manage with the keyboard only..,So we shd take help of mouse also.,And some can be ony done through mouse but not only with the keyboard…


  4. There’s a learning barrier associated with being fast on a keyboard – it takes practice and repetition with the shortcuts. But once you get over that hurdle, yes I think the more you do with the keyboard, the faster you will be. In other words, ideally you will do anything that can be done with a keyboard shortcut with the keyboard, rather than with the mouse.


  5. Interesting theory. Personally I use a combination of both and it is very efficient. I think that is most likely the fastest method of doing things.


  6. My problem is I just cannot ever remember shortcuts. When I do remember them I find them to easier and quicker.

    Doing repetitive task with the mouse, can become very boring and long after a while.


  7. I agree with xpressmusic. I know myself, personally, I use the keyboard all too often with the applications I use, and in order for me to switch from keying to my mouse and then trying to find home row again usually wastes my time — and I end up making stupid mistakes if/when I miss home row.

    This is definitely user-specific, and I know for a fact that I’m faster at keying than at using my mouse.


  8. For users working on one or two specific applications… keyboard is the best and improves the working speed. for instance… if u are workin in MS Word frequently and if u r well versed with the keyboard shortcuts then the work speed will be improved.

    But if u are working with different applications mouse takesover keyboard


  9. I’m going to have to go with a mouse shortcut being faster because… the time it takes to learn all the shortcuts and then remember them is time wasted where one could have been at a steady pace with the mouse all along. =D


  10. This might sound a bit simple, but doesn’t the touchpad render this problem moot?

    The whole reason you have to move your hand to get to the mouse is because it isn’t attached to the keyboard.

    Well, laptops get rid of this problem, by

    a) Including a touchpad

    b) Including a controller in the middle of the keyboard

    Most manufacturers include both these days.

    Also, if you are using very complex commands, the length of time it would to move about multiple menu selections is actually longer by comparison.

    (I.E. When using vim for example, the mouse isn’t even an option, but if it was, it would take much longer to get full use of it in any complex job)

    In the end, it depends on your specific case.

    If the most you do is read email and browse, then the mouse may be faster.

    But if you do any technical work (that isn’t design oriented), then shortcuts are faster.


  11. Having worked on software used by lots of different users over the years, I would tend to think that it depends greatly on user interface design and the end user themselves.

    I have worked with people who use the mouse – and are very fast and accurate with it, and with those who rely on the keyboard.

    It’s not clear cut at all.


  12. Great question! I use a combination of both which works well, I’m sure it would be impossible to use just the keyboard: hats off to you if you can.


  13. I was in a view tat mouse is better but now after wrking intensively on systems i find the shortcuts mch easier…


  14. I prefer and am faster with the keyboard shortcuts. Plus the mouse makes me lazy, and in the rare instances when the mouse flips out, the user is totally screwed.


  15. Most of us have to hunt and peck for the numbers on a keyboard. So, I don’t think too many folks have the capability to live totally and speedy on the keyboard.

    But if we could take a dependable poll…I assure you…women would be more capable of sticking the keyboard. I can’t tell you why, but at 86 years old, I still can’t begin to explain women :-). I just thank the Lord for the ones I’ve worked with!


  16. I wrestled with this issue years ago when the mouse first appeared on the market. Of course the mouse of today has more functions than when they first came out.

    I think it boils down to what software you are working on whether or not to use more of the mouse or more of the keyboard. And if or not you are in a hurry or type something or editing through something you have already typed.

    When I am CFD modeling the mouse is the primary tool. When I’m using excel both are always needed.

    While surfing the blogs the mouse is especially useful until I want to comment on a blog.

    Years ago, when I was working on some patent drawings, I had a mouse pen that was made by logitech. That was the best tool I ever used until it quit working and I could never find another one like it. It had a great mouse action in the tip of the pen and two side function buttons. Too bad they quit making those little jewels.


  17. I think the keyboard is quicker than the Mouse because Keyboard has much simpler movements than the Mouse;Keyboards need to just press the buttons, but Mouse needs to move the mouse and click. If u get use to the keyboards you don’t need to even look at anything except the screen.


  18. Myself i would have to say that they both act as one in many ways. But in all honesty you can do everything with just the keyboard if you know how to use every function. Just think of how it all began back in the day, there where no such thing as the mouse…Now as to how fast one verse the other is, well that depends solely on the individual.


  19. This is a very silly discussion. The answer is so obvious.

    There is a very good reason that all modern computers have BOTH — a mouse and a keyboard.

    Obviously, the keyboard shortcuts are always much much faster. There is no debate about that.

    HOWEVER, the mouse is better when you:

    > have not yet memorized the shortcut key

    > are moving or drawing something on the screen visually

    > are just feeling lazy

    > want to do just one click without sitting down in position to use the keyboard

    > are not yet familiar with the software

    > when there is no shortcut key for what you want to do

    If you think that you don’t need a mouse, try doing some image editing in Gimp or Photoshop using only keyboard shortcuts.


    Bruce Wagner






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