I got my Foo – and it was VERY good

Last Saturday I finally got to see the Foo Fighters in concert. Oh. My. Good.™
The warm up bands, Hello Stranger and Against Me, were ok but nothing to get excited about. (as an aside I did download Against Me’s latest album and it sounded better than it came across in the concert – worth checking out) We got there at the end of Hello Stranger’s set, had some downtime until Against Me came on, listened to Against Me with medium interest (thank god for earplugs – it was LOUD), got some grub during some more downtime and then the SHOW began.

Dave and the boys came out hard with “Let it Die” and “The Pretender” and the show took off from there. These first 2 songs included an additional percussionist, guitarist, keyboardist, and gal on strings. After these songs the extra players left the stage and it was just the 4 Foo Fighters rocking out. See below for the complete set list with the acoustic songs in parentheses.

Our seats were at the opposite end of the arena from the stage – 11th row. Ok but not great. But then after 9 songs and a drum solo they came to our end of the arena to do an “acoustic” set on a mini stage that was right in front of us. This set included the 4 additional players mentioned above.
I took a bunch of pictures on my iPhone (not the world’s best camera) and have posted them to my Web Gallery to give you an idea of how close we were. Dave finished the set on the small stage singing “Everlong” all by himself – great a song.

They then went back to the main stage to kick it up a notch. They finished up with “Monkeywrench” and “All My Life”. When they left the stage we could see them back stage via a camera with night vision and Dave “negotiated” how many songs for the encore. They came back out and finished up with “Big Me”, “Long Road to Ruin”, and “Best of You”.
Not only was the music great, so was the conversations Dave had with the audience during the concert. I am sure some of it is recycled and used in each concert, but Dave made it feel unique to us and had a great rapport with the audience.

The take away: The Police on their reunion tour were good, Roger Waters doing “Dark Side of the Moon” was great in a historical kind of way, The Foo Fighters were the best concert I have seen in a long time.

One of my buddies was there and here is his review of the concert along with the one of the reviews from Mercury News – here is the other one.

Oakland, CA Set List
Let it Die
The Pretender
Times Like These
Learn to Fly
Cheer up Boys (Your make-up is running)
This is a Call
Guitar Battle!!
Stacked Actors
Taylor Hawkins solo
(Skin and Bones)
(My Hero)
Band Member Intro’s
(Cold day in the Sun)
(But, Honestly)
(Everlong [Starts acoustic])
Monkey Wrench
All My Life
Big Me
Long Road to Ruin
Best of you

3 thoughts on “I got my Foo – and it was VERY good

  1. It was flipin awsome! when they came down to the middle they were so close to us! I think that that would be hard to top by any event

  2. How funny. I think I was only a few rows ahead of you. I’m almost sure I can see the back of my head in one of your shots. I agree – one of the best shows I’ve been to in ages.

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